Our church leadership comprises two distinct and separate roles, as is set forth in the Bible: Elders and Deacons. No one role is more important than the other, as each is called to perform different responsibilities within the church. Typically, persons in each role present different spiritual gifts that allow them to thrive in their leadership role.

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This role is defined in scripture as one of sympathy, mercy and service—helping those in a time of need—following the example of Jesus Christ. Deacons minister to those who are sick, friendless, or in distress.

  • Lead and work with the congregation to develop ministries of mercy

  • Encourage the proper attitude towards the giving of each member's resources and time to glorify God and his ministry.

  • Care for the church building, including proper maintenance, repair, set-up and breakdown for church activities.

If you have specific needs and would like to request assistance from the deacons, please contact us by clicking the button or a name below.


This role is defined in Scripture as one of shepherding and leadership— teaching, guiding and serving—following the example of Jesus Christ. Elders minister to those who are in need of counsel, the mourner, and those who have questions about the Gospel and its application to life.

  • Oversee the church and provide counsel to members and visitors.

  • Teach Scripture.

  • Protect the doctrine of the church to make sure that no corruption enters and that no practices outside of Scripture are allowed to penetrate the church.

  • Visit and pray with people in the church

  • Comfort the mourner; nourish and guard the children of the church.

  • Share the gospel of Jesus Christ to the lost world.

If you are in need of Biblical counsel or wisdom, or would like for us to pray with and for you, please contact us by clicking on one of the names below.

Gerrit Albert

Steve Anthony Sr. (Emeritus)

Don Barrett, 

John Baker Sr.

Dave Brown Sr. (Emeritus)

Ken Crovo (Emeritus)

Nick Kristoff 

Doug Langhals 

Richard MacDonald

Jonathan Mullen

Peter Pfeil

Chuck Rehlin

Rob Reichel

Dick Rigler (Emeritus)

Jason Suddeth 

Maury Tepper

George Townes

John Thomas

Johnny Ussery

Ralph Woodie (Emeritus)