HHPC's generosity initiative for facility expansion and renovation to IMPACT our lives, our campus, our community, and our world.

Help us expand our IMPACT in our community


Our IMPACTING initiative has always been about Transforming lives by the power of the Gospel here in Hilton Head. We’re excited to begin work on our new ministry building, a dedicated space on our campus to engage in our four pillars of ministry: celebration, renewal, deep community, and service.

This new building will enable our SERVE teams to maximize outreach, allow us to host community events and offer tutoring services, house counseling offices and staff offices, and accommodate our growing youth and children’s ministry.

This expansion will also provide much more parking which we are excited to be sharing with Hilton Head Middle School. Our design work is wrapping up and we plan to break ground in the first quarter of 2019.

Would you consider a one-time year-end gift?

Through a handful of donors, we already have $500,000 specifically set aside for this project. This ministry building has been part of our vision since our IMPACTING initiative launched in 2014, and we’re stepping into PHASE || in faithfulness to the Lord. We estimate the total project will cost approximately $1.5M. With contributions of another $1M, we will be able to complete our Hilton Head campus.

Would you prayerfully consider supporting this as you consider year-end giving? Our church has grown tremendously since 2014, and many who are new to our congregation did not have the opportunity to participate in PHASE I. We invite you to support this next phase of our facilities through a one-time gift. We’re thankful that others who were involved in PHASE I are willing and able to contribute again to PHASE II!

We believe PHASE II is vital to complete what we started and to afford us the space to achieve our vision and support our four pillars of ministry. We’re grateful to all who have given already.

 Click here for a list of our partnerships. (PDF)

PHASE I [COMPLETE]: Our existing building

Several years ago, we set out to create a space on the island that would enable our ministry to flourish and for us to be a church that the community would miss if we were to close our doors. We wanted to make an IMPACT. We embarked on a two-phase process, and in 2014 we began PHASE I with a generosity initiative and renovations to our existing campus. During PHASE I, we:

  • Renovated our Worship Center

  • Opened Ilderton Hall for Christian education and our 360 Seminars

  • Expanded our nursery and children’s wing

  • Added a dedicated Student Center

  • Created outdoor community space

In a desire to be good stewards of our resources, we delayed construction of our second building and created office space for our staff within the education wing. We got creative, even turning a hall closet into an efficient workspace!


PHASE II [BEGINNING 2019]: Our ministry building

We’re excited to begin construction on our new ministry building on our campus to provide more space to serve our church family and community. PHASE II will create:

  • Community room for tutoring and activities

  • Spaces for counseling services

  • Workspaces and facilities for SERVE outreach

  • Staff offices, freeing up our existing offices for their original intent as children’s and youth areas

  • More parking which we are excited to share with Hilton Head Middle School

Our design work with Court Atkins Architects is wrapping up and we plan to break ground in the first quarter of 2019.