We are drawn into the beauty of God in celebration both corporately and privately. We celebrate that our God is the great and glorious center of all things. We were made for Him and our lives find true meaning in Him. All have sinned against God, yet by grace through faith in the work of Jesus Christ on the Cross, we are completely forgiven and restored to Him as His children. This truth leads us to lift our hearts, voices, and hands to celebrate God in all His glory.



We are regularly and constantly shaped by the influences and voices of our culture every day. We desire to be renewed in our hearts and minds by the influence of the Holy Spirit and the voice of Christ. Growth into the image of Jesus Christ is a process, and it is a gift from the Spirit of God at work in us. Yet we are not passive in this process, we are to cooperate with the Spirit. We desire to gather together to learn and be renewed in our hearts and minds through intentional group meetings on Sundays and throughout the week.



We desire to know others and be known by others in our community of faith. Sharing ourselves with one another is essential to our being transformed into the image of Christ. We live in deep community together and experience this within our small groups and regular gatherings. Gospel-driven communities are designed as spaces where the Living God is experienced, the entire community is cared for in every stage of life, and this care is extended to the broader community, for the purpose of bearing Spirit-empowered witness to the love of God.



We strive to embody our faith locally and around the world and offer the hope of Christ to our neighbors in word and in deed. The Bible teaches us that by the intentional stewardship of our time, talent and treasure, Christians bring nothing less than a foretaste of the Kingdom of God into reality within a given community.



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